Friday, October 21, 2011

pumpkin "patch"

Today Eden and I went with Lily's preschool class to the pumpkin "patch"! (I say "patch" but really it was just a church yard a few blocks from her school that had a bunch of pumpkins in piles.)
It was fun to see Lily with her class and with her teacher. She really is such a sweet, obedient, and well behaved 3 year old. She made me so proud.
 I put Eden in the back pack and walked to the school, then to the patch, then back to the school, then back home. If you ever want to get a million comments made about your belly looking like you stole a pumpkin, or how you are a "brave/crazy woman" for having three girls, or more stuff like that, just do what I did. 

 The four Meynders girls! (well almost four)

 It was sunny and in the mid 60's the whole trip, we apparently are not used to "cooler" weather, notice Lily's parka and gloves?
Lily got to pick out a pumpkin to bring home, she ended up picking one the same shape and size as a small apple...she could have gotten bigger but she wanted a "baby one".

This little trip made me so happy. Being with my girls, in the cool sunshine, with fall all around us. Just about perfect.
Now it's time to finish off our pumpkin curry soup...which also makes me really happy.


Me and My Boys said...

I don't know If I've told you before, But I'll tell you again! You're Gorgeous!!! I love those pics of you!

Megan Marie said...

LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU GIRLS TOGETHER. I agree, you are gorgeous.

Brandon and Jennifer said...

You are beautiful....