Tuesday, November 29, 2011

burp duty

Lily has been so sweet with little (I use little relatively) Maggie. Eden has too, for that matter...very surprisingly actually.
Before she was born I talked to Lily about helping me "burp the baby".
So after I'm done nursing, Lily usually pushes my hand right off Maggie's back and takes over "burp duty".
With each baby, I wonder how I'll fit more love into my heart, and somehow there is always room. 

ps- took this picture on instagram, you on it? Wanna be insta-friends?! My name is rmeynders.


Brandon and Jennifer said...

I LOVE this

Haley K said...

i can only imagine what a great big sister Lily is to her 2 little sisters :) I'm sure she's just LOVING maggie to death :) And how sweet that she enjoys burp duty so much. what a good little helper!

likeschocolate said...

It is amazing how the love grows and every one else is blessed in the house too!