Friday, December 2, 2011

four square phone purge

clockwise, from top left:
1)Eden so angelic when sleeping....then she wakes up, and is pure sass. 
2)I love/despise the house we live in currently. We have one scuzzy bathroom, with one tiny stand up leaky shower. The girls really miss baths, so Chad made this "purple bucket bath!!!!!!" and they are obsessed. They take "purple baths" at least twice a day now.
3)my breakfast this morning: avocado, berry, mango, spinach, orange smoothie. So good I can hardly stand it.
4)I walked all THREE girls to Lily's school to drop her off, I love that we live "down town" Bentonville and go through the square every day and get to see the shops with Christmas decorations up and everything so festive. Sometimes if the girls are lucky and I remember change, we stop at the "nummy store" and get some treats for our sugar fix. So fun.

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Megan Marie said...

i know i've been on facebook too much when i try to find the "like" button on a blog post.

but i do SUPER LIKE this.