Thursday, November 3, 2011


This morning was a pancakes and hot chocolate kind of morning.
The rest of the day involves:

  • banana bread+friends
  • library
  • naps
  • make a leaf collection
  • park
  • chili and cornbread+friends
  • hopefully a movie in bed with my love to end it all


Haley K said...

hoy es un dia fantastico!! ;) And i just may follow your lead in the pancake and hot cocoa department...except i'll enjoy it for lunch :)

PS - that eden's buns...SO. CUTE.

Southern Belle said...

is eden potty trained already?

Megan Marie said...

love you day plan! wish we were the "friends" you're talking about! What a trip that would be for chili and cornbread!

Rach said...

Stacey- definitely NOT potty trained. Chad changed her diaper and she ran away to fast mid change for him to catch her:)

Meagan Holden said...