Friday, November 4, 2011


Probably one of my favorite pictures in da world:
My little bro and sis, in the MTC (missionary training center) TOGETHER.
It's very rare that siblings go on missions the same time, let alone be in the same place together. These two got to have three weeks where they could see each other between their teaching and language classes.
Scotty got to Guatemala this week, and his first email back is hilarious.
Niff (Jennifer) heads out to Thailand on Monday.

I am so excited for them, and slightly jealous actually that they are doing this awesome thing (serving a mission for our church) together.

We are pretty good at writing, I make sure they get plenty of Modern Family quotes (specifically Phil) in each letter/email.  I miss them.

Scotty's blog HERE.
Niff's blog HERE.


Madi said...

That is incredible! I have never heard of that happening. My little brother is in Thailand right now - she's gonna have a blast! :)

Rachelle said...

that's rad! both siblings out serving together.

sorry no baby yet!! soon, it will be soon.