Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas card '11

I am proud to say, I am so not stressed about Christmas.
I plan on being this way about every Christmas.
Like this year; I found myself actually worrying about sending out Christmas cards...ummm why? Are the Christmas card cops going to come knock at my door?  Probably not. So I dropped it. I went to the park with my girls instead of collecting addresses and they watch Dora. This year I emailed our card out to family, and now it's here on my blog, just for you! Print off even! Be that awesome.
Pretend you just opened it, and its front center of your card collection k? Better yet, you framed it.

Merry Christmas eve-eve-eve!

{picture by Joy Jackson..duh.}


Chelsea Goldstein said...

Beautiful family picture! And I love the new pic of you on the right.

Teresa said...

This is a fantastic photograph of your lovely family. You look absolutely beautiful!

Merry Christmas!