Wednesday, December 21, 2011

little cub

Over four years ago my sister gave me a super soft, little bear snow suit thingy at my baby shower for Lily.
All the girls have worn it, and currently, Maggie still (barely!) fits inside.
We noticed that whenever we put her inside when we went on walks, she would sleep like a rock, and for a long time. 
Chad suggested we put it on at night, see how she does...
Guess who sleeps from 10-6 every night now? 
Then at 6, I feed her, and she goes back to bed until almost 9.
Thats my dream baby!


Celeste said...

That is why its best to have giant babies! Good job Maggie! I have your present all finished, but I'm skeerd of the post office until after Christmas, so that's why I haven't shipped it yet. Soon.

JDS said... can I borrow that when a baby joins our family?!?

Brandon and Jennifer said...

wow lucky you.... my little one has some tummy issues at night it seems. Im not ever sure what to do to soothe her. Her little tummy rumbles and rumbles and she cries but only at night.

Jess said...

Love that!!! I'm so glad it's still getting so much awesome use! :)