Saturday, January 28, 2012


We celebrated Lily's birthday a day early so Chad's dad, Toyke, could be here.
He ended up buying almost 200 balloons...and inflated them ALL. MAGICAL. And our house smelled like latex.
We had a blast just tossing balloons every where, who needed presents?? (She did. She got plenty.)

She requested: 
  • "pizza from a pizza store" = Little Caesars.
  • "White ice cream!"= vanilla ice cream
  • "pink, red, and black cake"=ummm pink frosting, red sprinkles, red velvet cake, and black frosting for letters.

It was a success.
I love my first baby girl so much. 
She is turing out to be such a wonderful person.

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kaitlyn said...

Happy Birthday Lily!

Rockin party!