Saturday, January 28, 2012

at 7:25 this morning,

I woke up.
 Magnolia was still sounds asleep...she went to be at 10, and didnt wake up until 8. DREAM BABY. I'd like to think its because I paid my dues with Lily. Up every hour for like, the first three months. Then never ever slept past 5:30 am until she was about 18 months.
 Lily somehow took over our bed last night apparently.
 I faintly remember Eden whimpering for "daddeeeeee" last night, and I guess Chad found her.
 I snuck into the kitchen and popped the sticky buns in the oven that had been raising all night. (oh, they were good.)
Lily was the first to wake up.
She helped me set the table, and drink some orange juice just her and me. 
Lovely slow saturday morning.

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