Monday, January 30, 2012


I am usually a big fan of change.
Change of hair cuts, change of homes, change of nail polish, change of meals, I typically like it all.
But I am not looking forward to fashion changing.
(Not that I am a fashion expert, cause, I am really really really really not.)
I just really like the really trendy stuff goings ons.

I think maybe cause a lot of stuff out there, I have always been a fan of: retro/chunky glasses, bright pants (i need red skinny jeans, neeeeeed.), messy hair styles, minimal make-up, loose shirts. But most of all, stretch pants. I am in love that these are now ok to wear not just for working out in.
I'm just not ready for that to change. I need my chunky ray ban glasses to stay cool for a long time,  I want to wear bright colored pants and feel good about it, dont get me started how chunky clogs are coming back - dream! and I need to be able to wear my stretch pants for a few more decades ok?

Can we all just agree on this? Can we prevent the change from occuring? Thanks.


Megan Marie said...

amen. although, what if the next fashions are even more fun???

wait. not possible. there's no beating a perpetual dress-up box with fake glasses and mom's old shoes.

Tatiana said...

I hear you! I'm in love with stretch pants! The only downer is that I'm prego right now, but it's kind of good because I feel like I can still wear loose shirts and kind of feel like I'm not totally out of style.

Mardee Rae said...

oh, sister, you just got my vote. I think about it all the time. please, stretch pants, long shirts, huge necklaces, super-feminine head bands and belts.... please stay! Those feathers, they didn't last very long and it was a bleak reminder of how fair-weathered a friend fashion can be...

Shauna said...

amen sister. I'm loving all the color! I found a pair of red skinnies for only $15 at forever21. get them now. I know you'll look hot.