Monday, January 30, 2012

our afternoon in black and white

Lily got home from school. Had a popsicle. She watched some Diego while I nursed Maggie. Eden woke up. 
Then. We loaded all up, Maggie barfed all over me and the baby wrap---wardrobe change----now we're ready! New clothes, and a maiden voyage in the stroller! We walked to the candy store, got 25 cent suckers. Then came home and laid on some blankets in the back yard for a long time. I love warm Januarys. 
See what I mean:


Haley said...

sounds like a wonderful afternoon indeed :) and i love the B&W pics. you 4 girls are just too cute! oh I would LOVE some warm weather for a fun outting with Brooks...our walks involve bundling up and 4-wheeling the stroller over snowy sidewalks ;)

Brooke said...

That photo of Eden on the blanket is just PRECIOUS. Such lovely little ladies you have.

Hayley said...

that maggie is so heavenly. thanks for letting me snuggle her today.