Wednesday, January 18, 2012

if my two year old had facebook:

If my two year old had facebook, I think her status up-dates this week so far would be:

  • "My mom needs to stop taking idiot pills. I tell her the same thing literally 1,000 times and she still says: "SHOW ME WHAT YOU WANT"."
  • "I am ALWAYS right."
  • "Ugh. Such a dilema, should I be a ballerina, OR a princess?????? Correct answer?: BOTH."
  • "I am going to marry: Diego The Animal Rescuer, Zacky Jackson, or my daddy."
  • "My dad is wrapped around my tiny, chubby, adorable finger."
  • "I am the best twirler in DA WORLDDD!"
What would your kid's up-dates be?


Catherine said...

I am dying!! These are hilarious!! You have the most beautiful children :)

Brooke said...

My boys' would say: "OPERATION: MAKE MOM CRAZY is a success!"


"I could eat chocolate dinosaur sandwiches every day. In fact, I think, we do!"