Wednesday, January 18, 2012

snap shot from our not so busy afternoon

Chad came home for lunch, youngest two are still off in dream land (Eden: princesses! ballerinas! Maggie: Mom's boobs!).

We had spaghetti, and salad. 
And talked about how we really have no clue if we will have another baby or not (nope, not in a rush, so don't get any ideas).
Then we were laughing really hard about how we have a few phrases that we do not allow the other person to say.
Examples: Whenever I say "Sure!" Chad's first response is "Sure Peter!"...but in a voice/accent like Lois off of Family Guy ("Sho-ah Petah!") He thinks it's hilarious, I want to kill him.
Whenever I say hamburger, Chad's first response is: "Hambugah, everything on it please but nooooo beef." in a weird accent and low voice. Apparently he had a Buddha statue that used to say that. What?
And whenever he wears his light blue sweater I say: "Look'n good!" in a funny accent after one of his co-workers said that to him awkwardly.
Those responses are not allowed, or we drive each other crazy.
Now I Chad is back at work, Maggie is still dreaming of me (I know this cause she makes sucking noises in her sleep) and Eden is trying to be sneaky and sneak up on me. FACT: two year olds can not be sneaky, but are adorable trying to be.
I made a batch of no-bake cookies, (THIS recipe) they are cooling next to me...wonder if any will last for when Chad gets home, cause I'm pretty sure they will be Eden's lunch, Lily's snack, and my second lunch.


Vashti said...

Pretty much whenever you post a recipe it is the most perfect timing ever for me! I have people coming over for dinner and I didn't have enough time to bake cookies and then I see this post! I have never made no bakes before and I had all those ingredients in ABUNDANCE and then SHAZAAM! My dessert was ready tonight in time to spare before I had to race out the door.
Pretty much you rock. Just thought you should know.

aswigfromthesiggs said...

That Maggie is TOO sweet! I am sure she dreams about you often, and gains weight in her sleep.

Next time you try those cookies, try them with chunky peanut butter and 1/2 of coconut. That is how we like them in the Sigg house.