Monday, January 23, 2012


I made a realization today, while rolling out a pie crust for a sweet potato pie:
My babies like me squishy. 
And it's time to be ok with that.
I've tried to fight it the past two times...calorie counting, mile and miles of running, no sugar...and it just ends in frustration. 
My babies like me to be warm and squishy, perfect to fall asleep on, or to nurse with.
I mean, who wants to snuggle up to a sternum or clavicle? I don't blame them, really.
My body just likes to hold on to every little bit of squish until I stop nursing.

So for the next year, I am embracing my squishiness.
Yes, I am still going to run (went for the first time on Saturday!), eat healthy, and only have one slice of pie tonight, but at least I know what to expect right? It's taken me three babies to figure this out I guess.

I hope you are happy Magnolia June.
All 15 pounds of you. 
(yes, she is two months old, and 15 lbs)


Me and My Boys said...

I feel ya! I CANNOT lose weight until I stop nursing. Being squishy is the Greatest!

Diana Smith said...

I hear you! LOUD AND CLEAR! I am calorie counting, but I want to be more fit for me...I want more energy to run around with my kiddos. But still maintain the squish to a certain extent...cause yeah clavicles aren't fun to cuddle with :)

Jessica Kettle said...

Amen sister. Love thispost. Love you. And your squish. But you look amazing, freals.

Also, um, my babies like me squishy, but so do my toddlers! Hahaha

Megan Marie said...

just catching up after being without internet for a week. i'm loving all you have to say! <3