Tuesday, January 31, 2012

typical tuesday: Rachelle Williams

My e-friend, Rachelle is letting us get a peek into her tuesday today. Lucky us!
Once upon a time, when Chad got laid off, she emailed me and let me know that she'd been through it before, and that it'd be ok. Funny how a short sweet email, from a girl I've never met meant so much to me. 
Rachelle lives in Orange County, has two littles and a bearded hubby. And if I came in size tiny, I would want to share her clothes...and by share, I just mean I wear her stuff.
Go Rachelle go!

Hi! I'm so happy to be posting here on Rachel's blog with a Typical Tuesday. My husband and I live in Southern California with our two children that are 4 and 2. He goes to work (thank you!) and I stay home. We have a good set up.

Most mornings we all wake up a bit before 7 am. If my husband or I are feeling extremely motivated we are up at 6:15 to exercise. This morning was not one of those mornings so Daphne popped into our room (with a bear) to wake us up. It's about 7 am. I hear Forest in his crib so we run in to get him up.
Breakfast is right away, my kids are hungry! Nothing fancy, its oatmeal or eggs. This morning we had oatmeal. Kelly (husband) doesn't like it so he gets to make himself his own breakfast (cereal).

Then its the crazy time of making beds, getting kids dressed,  a quick workout for mommy, etc.
Daphne has to be at preschool at 8:25. Husband usually leaves around the same time to go to work. Sorry, no pictures of him.

After preschool drop off Forest and I head back home to play for a little and so I can get ready. Usually we go for a run at the beach but today we have a brunch for a friends birthday (whoops! no pictures of that either). After bagels, Forest and I head to Costco to pick up a few odds and ends. The drive to and from Costco is surreal because we drive right by the ocean each way. I really love where we live. Then we come home and play. Puzzles, animals, cars, whatever he wants. I try to make sure that while Daphne is at preschool Forest and I get lots of play/talk time.


Daphne's home! Yay! She played at a friends house after preschool today so I packed her lunch for her and my friend brought her home. That daughter of mine eats so well. She requested carrots, sugar snap peas (both from farmers market) peanut butter sandwich, apple, etc. Forest has a pb/j and carrots, I have leftover tomato soup and toast.


Now it's 2 pm, we are skipping naps today and heading to the park instead. We stop at a friends house by the park to jump on their trampoline and then we meet a different friend at the park to play! I love this park because its just 1 mile down the street from my house and has the most beautiful ocean view!

We are always home by 4 pm and this is where we all get tired. I usually let the kids watch a little show while I make dinner. Dinner tonight is veggie burritos. My kids don't fully understand the concept of putting everything in the tortilla and eating it so they eat it all separate. I'm okay with that. I do NOT make different dinners for the children and us as parents. I make one meal and the kids have to at least try it. Most of the time they will eat it. Husband usually misses dinner, so sad, his goes in the fridge for later.

Then the kids have baths! Then we play, have a snack, brush our teeth, read books, say prayers, and by 7:30 they are out!

Husband usually comes home during the bath/bed routine. After the kids are in bed I pick up, do the dishes, etc. Then Kelly and I just get to be together. Its nice to talk or snuggle up on the couch and watch a show on Hulu, but we are trying to make another baby so tonight we go to bed early!! Night Night!

Thanks for having us Rachel!

Check out Rachelle's blog HERE.

No, no. Thank YOU Rachelle. And, good luck with the baby making.
Wanna share a typical tuesday with us?
Please do.
Just email me, k?

(rachel . meynders @ gmail . com)

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Southern Belle said...

so cute! Any tips on how to get your kids to eat healthy??? Mine will not eat anything that is in the vegetable category....