Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Only child

After Lily and Chad head to school/work, this girl gets: a long bath with a million barbies and cars, then wrapped in a towel (warm from the dryer!) and set up nice and cozy in mommy's bed. With her choice of movie, today it's "Tats" aka Cars.

She wishes she was an only child so bad.

Ps- don't forget about the Livy Love Designs give away! I draw a name tonight, 9pm Arkie time (central).

Pss-posting this from my know, cause my only child has the laptop...hope it works!


Justine said...

Eden looks so much like Lily in this picture. your girls are too cute. Love you!

Sarah said...

Hazel and I can do that on wed. It kills me how thankful she is for the extra attention! ;-)