Thursday, February 2, 2012


I want to re-do this morning.
Can I do that?
 I want to re-wake up and have a plan.
Cause, this morning I woke up and thought: today is lame.
All I have planned is a run, laundry and cleaning the bathroom. Oh and grocery shopping. BARF.

I left my sleeping babies to go run in the cold, when really I wanted to stay inside and cuddle them.
When I got home and it was time to get dressed, all of a sudden, there was nothing in my closet that fit or that anything that I wanted to wear. NOTHING. 

My girls were playing nicely in their room, and I thought maybe if I can get some good scripture reading in, I'll feel better. But then I felt bad, cause I should be playing with my girls when Maggie is asleep, and they were asking me to. And then Maggie woke up. And my girls are asking me to build them a fort. And maggie wants to eat. And I want to just not a mom for a few minutes.

So here I am.

I turned on the TV for them. 
And after trying on ten different outfits, I am wearing: stretch pants, a college sweatshirt, red lipstick, glasses and a pony tail. Cool Rach, real cool.

Maybe I just need to get outside? I don't know. Well, yes I do, I need a re-do.
Cause as of right now, today is lame with red lipstick on.


Teresa said...

And here I was thinking you were pretty awesome for getting your run in!

Did you forget that it's Ground Hog Day? Here's a link to some Ground Hog Day crafts you can do with your girlies.

Hope your day improves!

Hayley said...

funny thing is that i threw on my red lipstick this morning to.

hope you day turns out awesome.

Brandon and Jennifer said...

Wish I braved the red lipstick. Maybe that would put some spice in my step. Just know you're still inspiring even on your blah days... so don't forget that.

Anonymous said...

I'm a (new) mommy too. I have good and bad days. On the tough days I rely on other women/moms/friends for support as well as my fiancé to help too. Hang in there and treat yourself to good things too. Your blog is very inspirational:) And you are an amazing super mom to your little ones:)

Just me said...

What a beautiful, beautiful blog! Just like you are...

Love all the creative stuff out here, especially the color combos are AWESOME!!!!