Friday, February 17, 2012

mermaid chips

I know, I know, anooother recipe post?
Well, yeah. Its a good one too.
MERMAID CHIPS!!! (aka: kale chips)
I am actually not a fan of kale. I think its kinda gross, and rubbery and when cooked, just kinda slimey. Bleh.
I keep seeing people making kale chips on the internet and thought, "come on, everyones doing it Rachel" so I fell under self-peer pressure. Is that a thing?
Well, glad I did. Cause they are dang good.

how ya make them:
wash, dry the kale
cut the leaves from the stem
tear into bit size peices 
toss with some olive oil, just enough to coat
add a pinch of salt (go light on the salt...I added too much the first time)
my friend Hanna advised added some sesame seeds to it too..YUM, so doing that next time.
then you just lay them on a cookie sheet, all spread out and bake at 350 for a about 10 min, or until they are all crispy.

Then eat them and let your mind be blown. Super crispy and almost melty.

We told the girls they were mermaid chips and the name stuck (cuase they look kinda sea-weedy dont they?)


R* said...

love kale chips. next time(s) get creative with the seasonings - think taco seasoning, asian/soy, italian, sky's the limit!

try this recipe and lemme know what you think:

ooh, and if you're starting to jump on the whole foods / "paleo" bandwagon (which i love and miss dearly - and so does my butt) check out this fantastic resource: LOVE!

Unknown said...

yum! thanks for posting the recipe. I can't find Kale in Burlington, WA. Am I blind?? ...I'm on a mission now!