Tuesday, February 14, 2012

snow day 2012

We woke up to snow yesterday, magical!
I like our little town, snow is rather foreign so everything was pretty much shut down over a couple inches.
 We are so unprepared in the snow gear department, the girls rocked the whole socks-as-gloves thing and  normal shoes over there jammies.
They loved it.
Aaaaand lasted about 4.5 minutes:

 And yes, Chad of course still rode his bike. So hard core.

We came in and spilled hot chocolate, watched movies, made a dent in laundry and Lily used pretty much a whole thing of Elmer's glue on one piece of paper.

And to top off such a nice day, we had a Valentines day eve party at our friends house filled with awesome Mexican food and hot pink cupcakes.  A very good day in my book.

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