Tuesday, February 14, 2012

typical tuesday: Meagan Holden

Happy tuesday all!
Today one of my old friends (old, as in, we've been friends for a while, not age wise) is sharing her typical tuesday with us. I loved reading her post, its been who knows how long since we have seen each other and it was so fun to see into her life! When ever I think of Meagan I think of someone who is genuinely happy, a totally athlete, a fabulous dancer and a lover of Madonna. Oh and she used to rock a spiky blonde hair cut. Here's Meagan!:

Hello, my name is Meagan and in all of one year I got married, had a baby, and bought a house! These days really do come and go right before my eyes. 

Here is a pretty "Typical Tuesday" for me and my family. 

Good Morning! It's 1:33am on a Tuesday morning, and Weston (my 12 month old) needs a night time nursing session.

 Well, good morning...again! 4 1/2 hours later, Weston wakes up again for some more boobies :) He typically wakes up at 1am and again at 6am. 

 Then, Weston OFFICIALLY wakes up around 7:15am-8am. Today, he is up at 7:51am.

I grab my camera and go! I surprise Weston with a bright flash in the eyes, that blinds him and he squints.

There we go... here's a close up. I love it when he wakes up happy!

 Weston does this thing now, where as soon as I come into the room, he dashes across his bed and turns on his soother. It's like he is saying "Mom, look how cool this is!" 
He is pretty cute, isn't he?

Grizzle! This is our family dog, Griz. He's a Morkie: a maltese and a yorkie mix. 
He's bashful. He also runs into Weston's room to greet us for the day.

 Griz hears someone coming! He is actually a pretty good watch dog. 

It's Daddy! Good morning husband :) 
Griz lays down at the door, he's a fluffy little thing.

Weston finds his toy of the day, his RED HAMMER. He brings it to me and climbs up my leg for his morning nurse.

 Gawwwwsh I look so glamorous in the morning. Yes, Weston holds onto his hammer while he nurses. 

Immediately after Weston is full, he demands to be read. 
His book of the week is "When a Dragon Moves In"... 

All the meanwhile, while I get to have story time with Weston, Dad slaves away in the kitchen. He literally makes breakfast for us EVERY morning. 
He is my hero.

After breakfast, Weston plays with his best bud Grizzle. He goes up and down the slide. 

Jason, my husband, goes to work Monday through Friday, while I stay at home. Then on the weekends, we reverse roles. 
I go to work for 5 hours on Saturday and another 5 hours on Sunday, and he gets to play stay at home dad. It's a fun role swap! 

This is how we get through the day. Our morning motivation is what we like to call it.

Here we are...on the road! We're going to Grandma's house today.
I live in Burlington, WA. My mom lives north of us, about an hour away. She lives in Birch Bay, WA. It's a few cities north of Bellingham (my old hometown).

It's probably about 10-10:30am.

Griz. Enjoying the scenic view.

Bellingham in 9 miles...

 Gizzle is le tired.

 There is this rock along the highway that gets painted about every month by different people and groups. 
Sometimes it's for the celebration of a WWU college graduate, or someone's arrival home, or a sports team making it to state...you get the idea. 
Right now it looks like a blob of colors.

 We've made it to Bellingham. 30 minutes down, only another 30 to go!

This is my old exit. Where Jason and I lived pre-baby life.

Oh snap! Get your game face on...Birch Bay is coming up. 2 exits to go!

Seashell Way. My mom's street.

 Backseat driver. 
Weston, we're here! It's about 11:30am.

We get right to snack time! 
Blueberries, some rice cake and avacado.

Grandma Becky!
She has 5 kids of her own. I am the third child and the first girl.  

I told her to smile for me. This is what I got. Haaaa... love you mom!

Weston is the youngest of 5 grandchildren.

 I think they're looking at the ceiling lights. Pretty awesome when you're only 12 months.

My mom and I were watching the news. They were re-capping the GOP debate from the night before. My mom had to bring out her pocket-sized Constitution book. 

 Weston will know his Bill of Rights and the Preamble before he's 2 years old! 

More blueberries. Weston loves them with all his heart.

Griz is hoping he'll drop a few for him.

Hiiiiii...well we headed upstairs to play with toys and my mom showed me her Wii FIT. I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!

 Ok. On the road again. Time to head home in the drizzling rain. 
Hello people. I live in the Pacific NorthWest.
 It rains. 

My Exit! 
Sunset Drive. I am not in Burlington yet. Only in Bellingham. 
I need to get some groceries! And we don't have one of my favorite stores where I live. So anytime I'm passing through Bellingham, I stock up on Taco Seasoning, Chicken sausages, and Wild Caught fish. Yum!

Look what I drive by? The LDS church. My old "stomping grounds".

Can you tell which store I'm headed for?

The one and only: Trader Joe's!

 It really, truly is a nasty day today! We brave the storm and head inside for cover.

The nice cashier lady gave Weston a sticker. 3 stickers actually. I'm trying to make him pose for the camera, but he doesn't want to.

We're home! Finally. It's about 4:30-5pm.

Jason's parents come over to visit. Grandma Lois & Grandpa Jim.
They come over almost everyday. They live, seriously, 2 minutes away. 
Weston loves them to pieces.

 Playing on the couch. 
I don't know what it is about this couch, but Weston loves to roll around in it, and dig his face in the cushions.

Nice hair dude! There's the dragon book on the railing, along with his other favorite book "Pete the Cat".

Watching Weston play his little heart out. And laughing at me taking a gazillion pictures. I'm the family paparazzi, what can I say!

 Griz has to get in on the action, too!

Careful there Jason, you might just accidentally make up with the dog!

Dad's mouth.

I started playing with the camera's color settings. Just for funsies!!

I've been having a shoulder flare up all week. 
Yes, this is me icing it. The strap doesn't stay velcroed...so I use clothes pins to do the trick.

Happy baby!

 Play time is over guys.... we eat dinner. Put Weston in his PJ's, rock him to sleep and he's out by 8:30pm.

Mom and Dad get a little one on one time. Dad studies a bit and Mom plays on FB or reads. 

The time is now 10:14pm. Time to hit the hay.

Love, Meagan

Thanks Meagan! Loved it!
Check out Meagan's blog HERE

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Southern Belle said...

awesome! Loved all the Bellingham pictures and seeing what Meagan is up to these days! What a cute little baby boy and what a sweet family!

Me and My Boys said...

I love Meagan!! I haven't seen her in forever!! It was awesome seeing how's she's doing and seeing her Mom! And a little but of back home is always great. Thanks meg. By the way I totally remember meg rockin the spikey hair!

Andrea said...

I love Meagan too! This was so fun I had no idea it was her until the morning picture and I still didn't completely recognize her with long hair! What a cute family!

Box o mania play house said...

awesome..!!those shakes look pretty darn good. (oh and your kids are cute, too. ha ha)..