Wednesday, March 14, 2012

for me in 10 years wishing my kids were small again:

The house is silent, now.
About fifteen minutes ago it was the opposite.
Let me explain this picture:
Lily and Eden are both way overly tired (no naps today=them toxic).
Chad is not home yet.
It's WAY past bed time.
I am running on less than fumes, I had just a few hours of sleep last night (isnt motherhood beautiful?).
Maggie, well she is a dream baby...until about 6 and all she does is eat and eat and eat until bed time (9 and then sleeps through the night, usually).
So the picture: Eden is hysterical, refusing her bed, Lily is whiny and joins Eden and they feed off of each other, Maggie is screaming for me. So what happens? Me nursing a baby while tucking kids in MY bed, while snapping at them, while praying for patience so they live through the night, and then I turn off the lights in the whole house, they continue to cry until they give up and fall asleep. All the while, Maggie is still nursing. 

I am more than tired, my boobs hurt, and I still have a bunch of crap to get done, that will not be getting done.

And yes, Chad is bringing me home Ben and Jerrys.


Bonnie and Tyler said...

Nights like these DESERVE a little ice cream. Sorry about your night. We are all grateful for tomorrow.

April said...

I'm sorry you are having a hard/exhausting day. Enjoy that Ben and Jerry's! Tomorrow is a new day.

Unknown said...

Way to go! ...and all the while still nursing your little lady. I love it. Go BEN & Jerry's! .. I want chocolate chips right now...mmm.

Becca said...

Hope you have a few easier days in your future! Lily and Eden may love this fun little youtube channel I put on for my neice. They are the Polkadots and have fun music videos for your girls to sing and dance to.

Krista & Tyler said...

That sounds so hard. I have to say, since I'm at the beginning of this rabbit hole adventure, I cannot tell you how real your blog is, and how much I need to know that someone out there is living a real life, while still keeping a positive outlook. But not sappy. You know? You are the best. I hope your boobs feel better soon.