Friday, March 16, 2012

My Jim,

I love that I married Chad (aka Jim).
We got married quick, and I guess you can say that is a risky move, but it is by far the best choice I have ever, and will ever make.
Just a few examples of why I love him from this morning:
  • I woke up to a super clean house, AND laundry not only folded but put away. He did what I was devoting my whole day to now I can just play with my girls and our friends coming over! Weeeee!
  • A phone call a littlt bit ago explaining tonight we are celebrating my birthday (we moved on my birthday, we we voted we celebrate it later). He has secretly set a side a chunk of cash and we are going to thrift/vintage stores/ flea markets tonight. This may sounds weird to you, but this is my dream. I love love love thrift stores and the treasures you can find. I know it's not his favorite too, but he still is excited to go with me.
I love that he knows how to serve me, and that that makes me feel so loved and special.
I love how he is so patient with our girls when I am at my wits end.
I love how last night when we were out running errands, he noticed that I was tired and probably hungry and so we made an impromptu trip to my favorite burger place, and he held Maggie the whole time so I could actually use two hands.
I love that he had a discussion with me last night about taking more "Rachel" time, and how he is going to enforce it.
I love knowing that he wants to be with the girls and I as much as possible, I never have to worry if he'd rather be at work or doing something else.

I guess you can tell I could make this list a mile long. So Ill stop now before I get too mushy and make you gag.

But I want to document for documents sake, that I love my husband and I am proud to be his wife.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Husbands are the best. And Jim sounds like a keeper! :)


Janell said...

Sometimes I wish blogs just had a 'like' button like facebook cause I'd 'like' this one over and over again. I love hearing why people love their spouses. So glad that Chad is such a good husband to you and father to those cute girlies. Love you!

Unknown said...

I love this post. It's remarkable how much he knows you and loves you and wants you to be happy, which in turn, makes him happy. Enough said. :)