Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am so ready for this week to be gone.

This week has been rather crappy, pun intended.
Lily has a "ouchy tummy and bum"=diarrhea for the past 5 days. HUGE sad face.
She has medicine, it just takes a little while for it to kick in apparently. Today is already a huge improvement from yesterday, thank goodness.
It is hard having a sick kid, in fact, it breaks my heart. Yesterday while on the potty she looks up at me in a very sad voice and says: "Mommy, its not fun to be sick."
Oh, and Eden also has a monster ear infection.

I am so worn out. Basically just on auto pilot now, ya know what I mean? A few hours will pass and you don't remember making lunch and cleaning up the bathroom mess (again) but some how it got done?

So. To say that I am excited, and ready for this week to be over, is an understatement.

But, not all is bad, Mags is still my dream baby, and we live in our new house and I love it. 


Me and My Boys said...

Rachel I'm so sorry!!! I can totally relate our week has been craptastic as well. If I lived closer I'd come and bake you muffins to brighten your day. Hope next week goes better and that your enjoying the beautiful sunshine today.

Megan Marie said...

awe, no fair. i hope you are all feeling okay now. thanks for that article link, btw. i'll look into it when i'm not too busy fighting with Os.