Monday, March 5, 2012

pavlov's bedtime song

Last week did end, and survived! Thank all that is holy.
I knew the crappy week was officially over when our new neighbor brought over a bunch of grass-fed beef from his mom's farm, and a GUITAR for me. My new thing I can not get out of my head is getting a guitar and taking lessons. I could have kissed his long beard and tattooed arms that carried all those lovely gifts. I told him he was inspired, cause I really think he was.

Today was a really good day. It was sunny and my girls are happy and healthy. We cleared out the living room (aka piled all the laundry on a couch) I turned on some music and basically they just tackled each other repetitively. Most people say boys are rough...but most girls I know know how to take some one down too.
We as a family pretty much suck at our goal of having a "family home evening" once a week (where we plan  a lesson, sing a song, have  a prayer...maybe even a treat!). In fact I dare say it rarely happens. But tonight we did one and the girls ate it up. Then we sang primary songs while they danced in their princes s gowns, logically. We started singing Teach Me To Walk In The Light and Eden immediately started asking to go to bed. Basically it proved  Pavlov's dog theory correct again. I sing that song pretty much only at bed time. We cracked up over that.

So here I am, rambling away, Chad is working on his lap top, oh and Mags just woke up for her night cap. Peace out. 

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Haley said...

*cheers* to inspired neighbors! how great of that nice guy :) you'll have to share with us what songs you decide to learn first :)

and we're not great at the official FHE thing either...i loved reading that you guys had a fun doing it tonight though! :)