Tuesday, March 6, 2012

typical tuesday: Andrea Ashmore

Happy Tuesday to you! Today is going to be a great day, despite my girls waking up at five and Chad singing really loud first thing this morning. Today is a great day already cause Andrea is sharing a typical tuesday with us! Andrea and I are from the same home town (Bellingham, WA), she's a couple years older than me so I never really knew her growing up, but know we are solid e-friends. She shares yummy recipes with me all the time and also was my confidant in having a home birth before I had even told anyone that I was having Maggie at home, I really appreciate her friendship and kind heart. She has a sweet husband and three incredibly adorable kids, and she her self is rather adorable too! Here she is:

I love Rachel's Typical Tuesday Posts! So many different people living uniquely enticing lives. As Typical as my Tuesday's are to me, I thought I would share anyway. That's the idea, right. Here we go!

This Emmett, our youngest babe, age barely 2. He is also our alarm clock. He wakes us up every day between 6:30am and 7:00am. Dad tries to snuggle him in the mornings but he always wants his mom. I love waking up to him!

While my husband gets ready for work Emmett and I come out to clean laundry on the couch waiting to be folded. I fold while he tells me who every clothing item belongs to. Then he helps me put it away. He is in a really "helpful" stage where he wants to help with everything.

Then Braxton and Adelle wake up simultaneously and come straight out to the t.v. We don't actually have t.v. but they put in a movie of their choice to wake up to. Usually this varies between Dora, Care Bears, Bob the Builder, some Super Hero something, or another movie they've recently checked out from the library. I like to sit with them and read my scriptures during this morning down time.

Last night I made mini muffins for breakfast so today I can lounge a bit longer without having to get breakfast made. Sweet!

I do boil some eggs for me. Hard boiled eggs are my staple food and if I don't have any in the fridge then we have a problem!

Since it is winter my husband starts work a bit later so we usually all eat breakfast together. He recently started his own roof cleaning business and is dominating it!
He leaves to work right after we eat and the morning may-ham begins.
I don't have pictures of this part of the day. It's pretty busy.
Braxton gets dressed for school.
Adelle is told to get dressed but takes her time and goofs off.
Emmett tries to dress himself, this is frusterating for us both. He can't quite do it but he surely doesn't want me to speed up the process by helping him.
I throw on some decent clothes, brush my teeth, and throw my hair up in a pony.
I also make Braxton's lunch for school and clean the breakfast dishes off the table.
(out of obligation I clear the table because otherwise it is too much temptation for the dog while we are gone to school!)
9:15 we leave to walk Brax to school. He is Kindergarten and we walk him into his classroom.
9:30 we get home.
9:32 my sister picks up Emmett to play at her house for a while so that I can teach Adelle's preschool.

I did catch a picture of Adelle and one of her school friends writing their names. Adelle is 3 and this year instead of Preschool a few of us moms decided to do our own cooperative school where we each teach in rotation. Today happened to be my turn. It's been a great thing for us. We all have 3-4 year olds. 6 students which means I teach every 6th week. My sister just lives down the road so Emmett goes with her (she has a two year old too) on my teaching week and the other weeks Emmett and I get special time together. It's been a great thing for us this year and Adelle looks forward to Tuesdays!

After 2 hour preschool the friends go home and Emmett returns. The kids play together while I make lunch.

Today is tuna fish, rice chips, peppers and cheese for some. The 3 of us enjoy lunch together.

Then they are off to nap.
I do help them clean their room often, but it usually still looks like this. I am not one who cleans their kids' room for them. Bedrooms have never been my thing.

I come out from putting them to nap and tackle the dishes from the morning. Tuesdays offer no mercy since the morning is go,go,go! I turn on Pandora and get the work. The faster I go the more time I have to read and blog!

This is our dog, Sofie. She is wherever I am so when I am doing the dishes she is laying on the mat right by me.

My husband always calls me while the kids are napping. He is usually eating his lunch and we tell each other how our days are going. I love getting this call from my sweetheart.

Right when the little ones wake up it's time to put on shoes and coats and walk back to school to pick up brother. We love walking to school, preferably when it isn't raining.

When Braxton gets home we all surround him on the couch and he takes out his folder and tells us all about his day while showing us his work. The little ones love this part of the day. Emmett always go straight for the lunch box just in case their is something left in there for him to nibble on.

The rest of the day varies a bit until dinner. Sometimes Braxton takes a breather and all the kids play. Sometimes he goes straight to the table for homework. Sometimes the kids watch another 1/2 hour little movie. It varies.

Today we dive into the new library books. We usually go to library on Mondays so Tuesdays books are new and mysterious. They each pick one and we circle up on the carpet to read together.

Then I go into the kitchen to tackle dinner and Emmett follows me into help while the older two play together, usually in their bedroom. Emmett helps unload the dishwasher while I make the dinner.
Brown rice with chicken/vegetable curry tonight. No picture, I must have forgotten but you can check out my food blog here. It's a favorite hobby of mine :)

Around 5:30pm Dad knocks at the door. Funny that he doesn't have a house key! He knocks and everyone squeals and races to the door to let him in. It's a favorite part of the day for sure. He is welcomed with hugs and kisses and four people talking to him at once. All trying to be louder than the rest.

We eat right away because on Tuesday nights he has meetings because he is in the Elder's Quorum at our church. Then after his meetings he sometimes stays and plays basketball with some guys until 10:00pm.

The kids and I clean up after dinner. Jammies, stories, scripture, article of faith, song, prayer, and bed. If they are lucky I lay down with them and tell them a story. If they are not lucky I usually pay for it because I come out and they talk, then they start to drive each other crazy and the more tired they get the harder it is to get them to sleep. So I usually do a story to which most of them fall asleep to.

Then I have some down time to myself while Jeff plays ball. I clean up dinner, blog, read, study, do laudry, write in my journal, browse the computer..... anything, really except go to bed. We never go to bed without each other, unless the other is out of town. That's it. It's always been that way and it's the way we like it.

When Jeff gets home he is wound up so we talk and talk and talk. Life, love, kids, funny things, stressors... We talk about it all. If we aren't too tired after talking we read together in bed before shutting out the light. We just recently finished "Redeeming Love" and loved it.

And then it's off to Wednesday!
Thanks for having us!

Thanks Andrea!
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