Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blues clues, bananas, and cinnamon toast


I'm back from Seattle!

We got rear-ended wicked hard yesterday. My back is very sore.

The stomach flu hit hard last night=last night was hell.

I'd help lily puke, then fall asleep next to her, then Maggie would wake up needing to eat. I'd fall asleep on the couch, then Eden would wake up randomly wanting me, refusing Chad. And id doze off on her bed, then lily would puke...and the cycle would start all over. All the while my neck and back throb. (Chad was not a loser dad, he doing the same as me, just not nursing maggers)

So if you've wondered why I've been slacking on blogging you know.

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Bham2Sisters said...

So sorry to hear that Rachel. I hope you are over this soon. Be careful with yourself. Whenever I hear someone in a car accident who was either rear ended or side swiped, I worry. Get seen by a doctor, chiro whatever and take care!