Friday, April 20, 2012


Well folks, in just a few hours I will scooping up this baby and flying "out west" to Seattle for my grandpa's funeral. 
Like I said before, it's sad he's gone, but more happy than sad, really. He lived a great life, took huge bites from my ice cream bars, and now he gets to rest with people he loves.
So, Chad and I are such wussies. 
Last night during prayers with the girls He asked to "please bless mommy to come home safely from her trip" and totally got choked up. We are babies. I will be gone just three days and we can barely handle it. Rather comical I think.
We just really like to be together, ok?!
A couple nights ago the sun was setting, it was still like 80* out, a slight breeze and we were all on the trampoline. And I thought: there is now where else in the whole wide world I would rather be, than right here right now, with these people. They are my world.

Sometimes I get stressed over crap that doesn't matter, or my kids wont eat their salad, or budget is tighter than we expected and it feels like life is so hard sometimes. But for the most part, life is pretty rad. Sometimes it feels pretty perfect, with all the imperfections included.

---prepare for the next blog posts to be from my phone in Seattle! Weeeeee!!!

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Tatiana said...

Sorry to hear about your grandpa. I hope all goes well and that you enjoy your time with your cousins. I'm super tight with mine, but now that we're grown and all over the USofA, it's so rare that we can all get fact it's been years. So enjoy it all! Soak it all in! That would make your Grandpa happy!