Friday, April 6, 2012

our ride "into town":

Last night was awesome!
Maggie is sick=up every-other hour, Lily wet the bed=her tired, embarrassed and cold, and Eden just kept on being woke up. Weeeeee!
But some how we all woke up happy (except Eden--see below picture).
"Last night was the epitome of parenthood" I told Chad cracking up. He concurred. 
So, since we skipped our alarms earlier, Chad got a ride from us on the way to take Lils to school, rather than him riding his bike the 13 miles in.
 We live on a tiny island of suburbia in the giant sea of rural farm land. I love it.
Its already so warm and sunny, no jackets, just dresses and Vampire Weekend playing.
 When we get "into town" we see folks setting up for "First Friday" (basically concerts+food+bouncy houses set up on the first friday of each month in the town square)
Lily spots her school, and we cant park fast enough!
Today is her Easter egg hunt...we're rather stoked about that.

I talk to her teacher a bit, take Chad to work and try and convince him to play sick (I started begging him this morning first thing) but it doesn't work. We kiss goodbye and go home. Now Maggie is having a little snack, Eden's taking a nap and I am typing with one hand.

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Megan Marie said...

looks like a dream dream dream. but there are no pictures of 3 am, haha.