Thursday, April 5, 2012

mommy school on monday:

We talked about things that are in our back yard.
We drew them on the "map".
We went out and gathered our treasures.
We came in a matched what we found to the pictures and glued them on.

She loved it, and now we do this often, Lily digs it too.

I look at these pictures and melt, there is something about this Eden of mine, she can get to my heart so easily. Is it the blonde hair? Blue eyes? Perfect little voice? Sassy bold attitude? I dont know what it is exactly, but she owns me.


Megan Marie said...

oh, my heck. best pictures. so bright and happy. can we come visit and stay until oregon becomes awesome again?

Justine said...

Did you guys get a new rig??? That doesn't look like the subaru... Love the pics!