Tuesday, April 10, 2012

typical tuesday: April Loveland

Hey tuesday-ers! Today one of my good friends April is sharing her Tuesday with us. I love April, we have known each other for years, we grew up in the same congregation at church, even though she was a few years older than, she was always so nice to me. Now we are married, have kids (she's got the four cutest boys in the world!) and we are still friends, even if we do live miles apart (she's in WA, I am in AR). I have emailed her so many times with ideas on how to deal with a certain parenting issue, or on home birth, or recipes, shes just been such a great friend to me!...God bless the internet! Any ways, here's April!:

Rachel and I have known each other for a long time, I think I was 12 years
old when we first met and became friends. Our friendship has continued to grow
stronger and stronger as we both have become wives and mothers!

I am in a really fun stage of my life right now, I am married to a wonderful
man and we have 4 young sons! Most days I can’t imagine being any happier than I
am, we have been so blessed! One of those blessings is that I truly LOVE where I
live. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world called Bellingham
Washington. Every morning we go to bed and wake up to a view of the lake. We get
to see some pretty amazing sunrises and sunsets as well. We are blessed!

This Tuesday was very Typical.

I woke up around 6am to my three year old sleeping next to me…I’m not sure
when he crawled in bed with us but it’s pretty “typical”!

My husband leaves for work around 4am so the mornings are all on me. My other
three sons woke up around 6:45. I have a rule that I never make breakfast any
earlier than 7am so if the boys are hungry they have fruit.

At 7am I grab my Nalgene bottle and fill it all the way up with water. I
drink an entire container every morning while making breakfast ( I have done
this for over 10 years).

Kai and Kingston are always my little helpers in the kitchen…

This morning I made omelets. The boys always have some sort of eggs for
breakfast and omelets is something they have often.

Time to eat.

This is my only school aged child. Paden is in the 1st grade, isn’t he a

Every morning my good friend comes and picks Paden up for school. This is
another huge blessing in my life, she saves me from having to load and unload 4
children in and out of the car. I have good friends!

8:30am time to exercise. I put the baby gate up so that I‘m not interrupted
and bumped into a million times!

After my workout it is time to clean. I have a goal to have the house all
spick and span by noon. This day I finished early!

I make lunch. Almost every Tuesday for lunch the boys have left over pizza
from the night before because we have a tradition of Monday night pizza .

The boys ate their lunch and watched cartoons while I showered and got ready
for the day…finally!

My friend showed up shortly after that to go through my closet…she was trying
to find something fun to wear because that weekend we were going to see the
musical WICKED together! This isn’t usually a typical thing to happen but it was
fun…we were very excited for our ladies weekend!

My husband came home from work around 2pm.

I usually wait to eat lunch so that I can eat with Robby. We had omelets that
were left over from breakfast. Evan sat next to me and worked on his preschool

Around 3pm Kingston wakes up from his nap and this is usually the exact time
that I head out the door to pick up Paden from school.

Snack time is usually an apple with almond butter, SO GOOD!

The boys love it.

Robby works-out and Paden does his reading homework.

Dinner at our house is almost always around 5pm. This night we had pork chops
with salad. I made up my own recipe for the topping…red onions, dried cherries,
and Dijon mustard. Robby said it was one of the best things he’s ever eaten.

The big boys help to set the table.

At 7pm we start getting the boys ready for bed…teeth brushed, diaper changed,
pull-ups, scriptures, prayer, hugs, kisses, and wrestling! This happens EVERY

After the boys are in bed the two of us get to spend our time together. Every
Tuesday night we sit on our bed together and watch the TV show castle. I love
that we have a show that we love watching together. Time for bed! Well, almost. Someone needed snuggles!

Thanks April!
Wanna share a typical tuesday with us?
You know you do!
Just email me, k?
rachel . meynders @ gmail . com


Hayley Noel Horne said...

Is it crazy that I know exactly where this is based on the view? I can almost see my parents house...I love Typical Tuesdays with people from Bellingham.

Laura said...

awww I loved this typical Tuesday! i like her and would want to be friends with her lol. im a cheeseball.