Tuesday, April 17, 2012

typical tuesday: Kelsey Navasard

Haven't been here in a while...who knew that three kids would keep you busy? HA! A lot has happened the past week, that I'll get to later. Aaaaanyways....
One of my awesome friends is doing a typical tuesday today. I have known Kelsey....basically since I was a really little. She actually used to babysit me and my younger siblings...then I got older and now we're friends! I always really looked up to Kelsey growing up, she was a few years older than me, I remember asking her a million questions about middle school when I was so nervous to start (lockers?! different classes?! older kids?!) and same thing with high school. Thanks for putting up with that Kels:) Now she lives in UT, has a couple adorable kids with another on the way and a awesome husband. Here ya go:

I love reading Rachel’s Typical Tuesday posts and getting a glance into other people’s lives. So happy she’s letting me add mine to mix!

Here’s a glance into what my life as a stay at home mom to a 5 year old and 2 year old is sometimes like:

Paul is up at who knows what time, he wakes me up and we say our morning prayer together before he heads out into the dark for work. 
Then it’s back to sleep for me, as I try to squeeze in as much as I can.  This morning though I was interrupted at 7:00 am by my neighbor getting new windows installed.  Oh joy.  So, I finally decided to roll myself out of bed and into the shower at the shockingly early hour of 7:15.  

After my hot, long shower I find Macey and Miles are still sound asleep, so I sneak downstairs to enjoy a very rare breakfast alone.  I’ve been on a crunchy Peanut Butter toast kick ever since I visited my bff in california a few weeks ago, so that, along with chocolate milk is what I settle on.  I also do a little online browsing, and find some pretty sweet graphic tees for Miles.  

Around 8:15 I finally hear laughing and giggling coming from upstairs, so I head on up to get the crazies.  

Miles’ choice for breakfast this morning is a pop-tart, yogurt, and kool aid.  Macey deicides upon yogurt, fruit loops w/ marshmallows, and kool aid.  Yes, we are healthy eaters around here. :) And Miles’ pop tart of course turns into a T-Rex and begins attacking everything. 

While they devour their food, I decide to empty the dishwasher, only to find we forgot to run it last night.  Awesome, hate it when that happens.  So, instead I run the dishwasher and then go to gather some laundry.  

Macey and Miles are dressed in record time, since I told them no show until they are semi presentable, works like a dream today.  Dora then does the entertaining while I attempt to make myself presentable.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I am 6 months prego and I guess Dora is over, because my helpers are back.  

Miles was suppose to have speech therapy this morning, but his therapist called to reschedule.  We now have an hour free, with nothing to do.  Luckily, I remember our toy room is completely trashed, so we head down to the basement to get to work.  With the promise to have a treat and play outside when we are done.

Now don’t judge, I don’t normally let people see my basement when it looks like this.  But, sadly it is quite typical.  I also do some laundry while we’re down there.

As a reward for all our hard work we head outside to enjoy the sun.  

My pregnant body decides it might shut down without a snack, so we head inside to see what we can find. Macey and Miles settle on Pirate booty, while I end up with veggies and dip. I turn on show #2, while I see what kind of exciting things are happening on facebook and pinterest.  

Now that I’m feeling refreshed and the sun is calling us, we go out to our neighborhood playset until lunch time.

I’ve noticed I have a hard time getting things done when the sun is shinning.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?  The good thing is no one is inside to mess my house up, the bad thing is no is inside to clean it up either.  Oh well, it's hard to beat a warm spring day.  

Since I’m a pretty lazy pregnant person, lunch for M&M ends up like this.  It’s what we call a “snack lunch” around our house.  Because apparently it’s way too hard for me to even bother making a sandwich or thawing out some chicken nuggets for them.  For me it’s a tuna, crackers, and a Dr. Pepper. 

As soon as we finish eating my visiting teachers stop by for a visit.  We chat for a bit and then they shared an awesome message about coming closer to Jesus Christ.  Aren't they adorable?

Nap time has finally arrived for Miles!  Macey has quiet time too, which today consists of the princess toy bin from the basement, followed by games on the ipad.  I then plop myself down on the couch for some trashy tv.  Today’s choice is 16 and pregnant.   And yes, I ate that entire chocolate bunny.

After it’s over, and I now feel slightly better about myself, I decide to clean up the kitchen and empty my now clean dishes from the dishwasher.  

I contemplate laying back down the couch, but instead I somehow convince myself to get Macey out of quite time and do “Mom & Macey Preschool”.  I opted out of sending Macey to preschool this year because:

First- I hate having a schedule

Second- this is our last year of living schedule free until real school starts


Third- I just couldn’t part with her.  

Today I’m pretty tired, so we end up just doing handwriting practice and then we paint our nails.  Macey obviously thinks our preschool is pretty awesome.  

Miles has decided to wake up early from his nap at 3:00 and I find myself looking into what seems like an endless afternoon.  I'm sure you know the feeling.  Luckily the sun is still shining, so we leave the laundry, dirty floors, and the dinner preparations behind and text our friends to meet us at the park.

After the park, I of course have to make a quick stop at Target. 

I went in for 4 things and came out with this, very typical.

I send Macey and Miles into the backyard while I put away our target finds and figure out what to do for dinner.  

I settle on Mac&Cheese w/ hot dogs for them and semi leftovers for us. While I’m dishing up their dinner, Paul gets home!!!  Yay, best part of the day.  

After lots of happy greetings, I put Paul to work helping to prepare our meal of homemade taquitos. While Paul finishes up dinner, I bathe children and get them ready for bed.

We then enjoy our meal while the crazies get the rest of their energy out.  It’s then time for Paul to finish up the bedtime routine while I plop myself down on the couch, where I plan to stay until I go to bed. Paul comes down at 7:24 and we now have the evening for ourselves. yay!

Lucky for me Paul decides he needs something sweet, so he runs to our favorite dessert place, The Chocolate, and returns with a delicious piece of cake for us to share. Since the sun is still shinning we enjoy it on our front porch, enjoying the peaceful feeling of knowing our children are sound asleep.

We then tidy up the house a bit (this consists of me laying on the couch watching Paul pick up), watch a few shows, read scriptures, and go to sleep at a very early hour for us: 10:00.  

And that is peek into what our life is like on a typical Tuesday.  

Thanks Kelsey! Makes me miss you!
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jeanine said...

Kelsey, I love it! Makes me wish that we were all near each other like in the days of Southridge ;)

Lani Hilton said...

what a totally fun tuesday! I am glad you took the time to record it. Love you Kelsey!