Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6 mos

I call my lifestyle the first 6 months after I have a baby: survival mode.
I make sure our basic needs are meet, and the rest is basically  not happening.
I am flakey, I make little effort, I say no a lot cause I get easily overwhelmed. Getting three humans PLUS me dressed, fed and somewhat happy for the day is a lot of work, and thats all I can barely handle.
Well. Magnolia is almost six months (can you believe it?! Feels like she was just born!). 
And I can tell, in a good way.
I signed up to run a 10K trail run in a month. 
I am more on top of the dishes+laundry+messes.
And, I took down my guitar that has been patiently waiting for me in our closet, and tuned it.
The Rachel I like being is slowly starting to come back, and I love it.


Hays said...

After having a party this weekend I told Eric that his wife was back. Mostly from our recovery mode of me working. I like feeling like myself again a lot! now let's plan our retreat!!!

Traci said...

I usually plan the first six months for survival well as the whole nine months of pregnancy.

Emma said...

uh- I didn't know you played guitar. Girl, we could have been jamming together here in Charlotte!