Thursday, May 3, 2012


On Sunday night, I signed up for a 10 K trail a month.
I woke up the next morning: "What have I done?"
I havent been running like...basically at all lately. So basically I am going from 0 to 6.2 miles in one month. Please bless I don't die.
Monday morning I started my routine of waking up too early and going out to run.
When my alarm goes off, I check the weather. You see why I run in the morning? Cause its already summer here. Soon 90* will feel cool, so early morning is a must if I want to live.
 The sun is starting to rise with me.
 Off I go! I weave around my island of suburbia then head out to the farm land of dirt roads and/or no sidewalks.
It'll Do RD! That means I'm almost home! That also means I live in Arkansas.
I usually listen to scriptures or a general conference talk for the 30 min-hour I'm out. Two birds, one stone. I listened to this talk for the millionth time, love that guy.
Passed by our neighbors: the cows, and their swimming pool: nasty pond.
I turned the corner and a little girl in hot pink princess jammies is waiting for me. And then out came a diaper clad little girl being a puppy.
And I am proud to report I ran over 3 miles (at the pace of a slug) yesterday, no stopping, and I didn't die.


Sarah said...

Your awesome! Love the road sign names! Send some of that heat this way please!

Hays said...

you can do it rach!

i'm still on the fence. i did however go out on my foot the other night and it felt pretty good so i'm on my way :)

Megan Marie said...

i want to go to there.