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typical tuesday: Chandra Le

Today our typical tuesday post is from a fabulous mother, business owner and pilates queen, Chandra. She is a mother of three girls (sounds familiar!), lives in Las Vegas, and reading this post made me: want to get into way better shape and be friends with this girl:)
Take it away Chandra!:
Hi All!

I have been a fan of Rachel's blog for a while now and have always loved seeing how other mom's spend their day. It's nice to know that no matter where we are, we all kinda have the same crazy life!

Until recently I was a stay at home mom for my 3 girls. We recently moved back to our hometown of Las Vegas, NV (yes- people are ACTUALLY from here). It's been wonderful being back with family and old friends.

I was asked to partner in CORE Studios , a pilates studio, with these 2 amazing women. So, in a matter of 6 weeks I went from stay at home mom to business owner!

My typical Tuesday starts with the alarm waking me up bright and early at 5:00 am (insert eye roll and groan here.). I didn't get a picture of this because I'm not  a functioning human being until I walk out the door. And even then it's iffy until I get coffee. Which on most Tuesdays is not until after my 6:00 am class is over. Yes, you read that right. A 6 am class.

Did I mention that I am in no way, shape, or form a morning person??? My husband laughed when he first heard I had to start before the sun comes up. I'm a sleep 'til noon kinda girl. Or at least I was pre-kids.
My clock as I pull into the parking lot.

The beautiful view of the Las Vegas Strip BEFORE the sun comes up.

When I walk in Omar  is already hard at work making his clients sweat in our group fitness room. You love Crossfit and boot camp??? He's your guy.
 The sun is just waking up as I make my 7 am coffee run.
Ok, now the day can start. I got a grande pikes place with just milk and a hot green tea for one of my partners.

I enjoy my caffeine while checking class enrollment, double checking sign in sheets, and private training schedules. The one aspect of today that is NOT typical is that we have a celebrity training with us while she is in town filming a movie. 
While I won't say who it is...  I will say she is super sweet and an amazing dancer.

I also take a quick break and spend a little time on Pinterest before my 8:00 am client arrives because I love little diddies like these.

Our Studio and my home for the next few hours. If your not familiar with Pilates, what you are looking at is called a reformer. It uses spring tension to simultaneously lengthen and strengthen muscles. It is also occasionally called a torture devise by some of our clients.

Above: One of my clients working hard.
Below: It's never too early to teach your kids about fitness. A little miss checking out the Booty Barre class.

My private training schedule is broken up on Tuesdays by the Booty Barre class I teach. What's Booty Barre you ask? It's a barre, Pilates, dance, yoga blended fitness program that makes you sweat like nobody's business and turns your muscles into jello. And that's just what happens to the person who is teaching the class.
On a typical Tuesday I am done around 1pm. I get to head home and see 2 of my babies,whom I really miss spending my entire day with. It's a quick snack for me since I haven't eaten since 7 am. Usually it's a yogurt with sliced almonds or turkey rolled in smoked gouda. I was too hungry to take a picture and inhaled the turkey wrap in front of the fridge. Then it's off to get my oldest from school. Hayden, my  kindergardener, gets out at 10:20 am so either daddy or grandma picks her up from school.

The big hug I get from miss 5 when I get home.
I found the little one asleep on the couch.

This is very typical of my Ayla... A big smile and a book in hand. She loves it when daddy and I both pick her up from school.

After school its a whirl wind of snacks, gymnastics, baths, and dinner. Usually in that order, but not always. Dinner tonight is teriyaki chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli, and apple pie. We usually have mangos or korean pears for dessert, but my mother- in- law knows the girls love apple pie so she brought one.
I don't know about your households, but after dinner my kids get hyper. Which makes getting them mellow for bedtime a bit challenging. this is them being "peas in a pod". Translation hysterical laughter.
Dilann's favorite game of "squish daddy"
Finally it's time for stories. This is a bitter sweet time for me. Sometimes the girls crawl into my lap so I can read them each a story. Other night the younger two want Ayla to read to them. Tonight was an Ayla night, so all I did was tell them when time was up, tucked them in, and kissed them good night.

I have to admit this is now my favorite time of day. The house is quiet and I get to relax on the couch while hubby and I watch t.v. We usually have something DVR'ed or we find a movie on. Tonight it's last weeks Scandal and yesterdays Smash. Finally, around 11 I crawl up to bed.
Thanks a ton Chandra! You have a beautiful family.

Wanna do a typical tuesday?
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