Thursday, June 7, 2012


 So I go to the gym now.
I did it. I got a membership at a new gym.
We are members of the gym at Chad's work, but you have to pay $2/kid/ that $6/day....$30 a week, it just wassn't going to happen.
 So now I go to World Gym. And it is safe to say it has changed my life for the better, sounds dramatic, but's its the truth. I didn't know how much I needed this until the past few weeks that I have been going. WOW should'a done this a L O N G time ago.
Going to the gym not only helps me be healthy, but I am getting 1-2 hours of alone time a day (yeah child care!), and most importantly it has kick started me into getting a solid schedule down for me and the girls.

My house is cleaner, dinners are better, I will eventually be smaller, and we are just happier.

So, thank you world gym, you are my best friend


Vashti said...

I got a gym membership while we are here in TX and I feel the same way! I love the classes and hit up yoga and a few others during the week as well as getting in some cardio on the treadmill. It is my sanity and lifesaver for reals.

Bonnie and Tyler said...

Does your world Gym have child care? How much is it? I have been contemplating this for months...

Celeste said...

This week I looked into cancelling our membership and then I realized that if I did that I probably would only talk to non-husband grownups on Sundays most weeks and that made me want to die. Welcome to the mommy gym rat club. We love it here.

Becca said...

Good for you, Rach! That's precisely what the gym is for me. I hate missing a day because it means I miss that alone time. Which is priceless, of course. We go to the YMCA and the child care cost is included in the membership fee plus we get access to all YMCA's in our area.