Thursday, June 7, 2012


I love having internet friends.
I have made some rad friends over the past few years because of blogging. Peeps all over the place. Norway (Sarah!) and CA (Rachelle and Brittany) and even Arkansas here with me (Hayley)... and bunch more! Sometimes I've been able to meet up with them. And that's rad. God bless the internet! Internet high five to all of you!
Remember Celeste? Well she introduced me to one of my favorite bands:
The Airborne Toxic Event.
Mikel the lead singer, his songs are so poetic it boggles the mind often.

I literally have been listening to this song on repeat like, a zillions times the past few days. It is so emotional, and makes me so grateful for the score of a husband I have.

I like to share things that are virtuous, lovely and of good report, thats all. You should search after these things. Things like rad bands that speak to the soul.

ps-how rad is Anna. The only girl in a rock'n band. She is living (one of) my dream(s).
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amber malmberg said...

Oooooooh, me like-e! I love songs that incorporate stringed instruments!

Celeste said...

Love that you love them. Now hurry up and get tickets to come see them live with me. ;)

Hays said...

have to check this out!

insta friends made real friends. booya!

Brooke said...

Here's a few bands you may like:
• Angus & Julia Stone (brother & sister duo)
• Julia Stone (her solo album)

I love TATE. Their lyrics are epic.

Alisha and Braeden said...

So I have never heard of them before, but now I think I you have got me hooked on a new band! Thanks!

Rachelle said...

love ya girl. wish we all lived in the saaaaame state!