Friday, June 22, 2012

hot and cold

This was us yesterday afternoon:
Our friends came over to play at the pool, which we did...for about 20 minutes-ish?
It was cloudy and actually started to sprinkle out.
SO, logically we went back to my messy house and had hot chocolate. And played ponies and jumped on the trampoline.

I had to laugh about it later. I am so acclimated to the heat now. I mean, it was in the 80's and I thought it was too cold to swim....I would go swimming in a LAKE when it was barely 70 when I was growing up in WA.

From here until October, it's high 90's, low 100's and its not even phasing me. 

Annnnnd I just blogged about the weather.
What's it like at your place?


Anonymous said...

While driving to my friends house in Texas to go swimming, I noticed that it was only 95 degrees outside and wondered if it was too cold to go swimming. Then I caught myself and thought "are you crazy? You're from Washington!" So I, also, have gotten too used to this weather.

kaitlyn said...

Yesterday was totally cloudy, but still hitting 68-70. You guessed it, me and the girls spent from 1-4p at Lake Whatcom.

Although, I remember growing up in New Mexico that my mom had a rule that it had to be 75 out for us to wear shorts.

So, i have gotten used to it the opposite way!