Thursday, June 21, 2012

today just keeps getting better

I'm not kidding! Such a great day, and its only 1:50.
First, we woke up to rain. I know, for those friends/family in the NW this is weird, but it hasn't been cool and rainy in Arkie for...since March? I loved it. Something so sentimental and homey for me, being born and raised the Seattle area. The cool grey light in my house, the sound of it, and holy moses the SMELL. It smells amazing outside right now.
 Then we went to Target. Such a happy place. Then went grocery shopping and now my fridge is full of yummy, healthy, fresh food.
THEN when we got home, we checked the mail. 
THREE amazing things inside:
1)rent deposite check from our old place
2)a VERY large "inconvenience" check from the insurance company from our little car accident a while ago.
3)my e-friend Sarah, we talked a while ago about being pen-pals and today, it was like christmas, look at all those brown paper packages tied up with string!:

They were filled with some of our favorite things!
My Little Ponies, homemade friendship bracelets, Norwegian sweets, sticker earrings for the girls...just a whole lot of magic from "our friends from across the big Atlantic Ocean" as I describe to my girls.
I'm almost done with their goodies and cant wait to mail it off.
Pen pals are so fun!

And we're not done. Some of our good friends are coming over as I type to go swimming at our pool. OUR POOL. Our neighborhood pool opened up this week, so we can go swimming everyday now. Our minds=blown.
Our hearts=full.

AND tomorrow is friday!
AND we have no plans this weekend. LOVE that.


JDS said...

Love it!

Sarah said...

Happy Face ;)

olay said...

so good to see you a regular streak, AND to see more pics of the KIDS!