Monday, June 18, 2012

just stay two

I have said it before,
but there is just something about this girl that pulls at my heartstrings like nothing else in this world.
This is her during our fancy lunch of "chninkn nuddets". We were just talking about things that make us happy, that, being mainly anything that is pink, shiny, sparkly, and a pony.

I just want to bottle her up. Just grab her and run. 
Just stay two Eden Laura.
Just stay two and tell me all your silly little thoughts and keep telling me every single thing you see out the window: "Mommy! I saw a hay bail!!". 
Just stay two and suck your thumb and snuggle with your rubber snake, and pony, and mini ambulance and scarf every night. 
Just stay two and wear your leotard daily. 
Just stay two and think that I am full of magic and tricks.

Oh my goodness, this girl.
I look at this picture and I get a little teary, my heart is so full.


Celeste said...

Oh I love this. You make me want to be a better blogger momma. She's adorable. I feel so that way about my Abes too. He just has my heart.

Janell said...

So cute! This picture is so precious!

Andrea said...

very sweet picture!

Laura Dunford said...

She is adorable!! Such a beauty :)

Emma said...

holy smokes- when did this girl grow up?! So cute- I miss Eden! And yeah, Iwalani is just talking up a storm now. So much that Kainoa gets mad because Iwalani is over-talking and Kainoa can't get a word in- LOL! ps- I'll call you tomorrow. Was hanging out with Olay and didn't get to the phone.

Unknown said...

awwwe, you two are melting my heart. her sweetness and your lovely words.