Monday, June 18, 2012

out loud

Sometimes I forget how important it is to pray vocally, by myself, on my knees.
We had our typical whirlwind morning of: clean up, breakfasts, gym, errands, home, play, lunch, books, naps... and here I am. I tried to go to sleep with Maggie but amazingly I'm not sleepy enough(?!) I finished some emails, made a mental check list for dinner tonight (thai chicken!) and then got on my knees and actually said my prayer, not just in my heart, but out-loud said it. 
I got the overwhelming feeling like Heavenly father was saying "finally!" with a smile on His face, like he hasn't heard from me in a while.

I'm trying really hard at this life thing, trying to figure out daily balance, and sometimes I neglect really communicating to my Father in heaven.  I am really wanting to be a better daughter to my parents, a better sibling to my sisters and brothers, a better wife to Chad, a better mother to Lily, Eden and Magnolia. And it felt good to ask for help with that today.

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