Saturday, July 14, 2012

baby model

Here's my little baby model modeling a new head band I made for my friend who just had a baby (at home! so proud) girl, this baby was a mystery. Everyone guessed boy but little baby A came out and fooled them all. She deserved a few head bands for pulling that fast one.
Any ways. I keep staring at this picture of my sweet Magnolia June, oh that FACE!
It takes so much self control to not eat her every day. 

Please note how she is in front of my huge pile of laundry to fold and put away. That's because she is still a sickie, I thought it was what the girls had (roseolia virus), but it's not, then I thought teething!...but it's not. Last night she started coughing and being super congested.  So my third (and hopefully) final diagnosis is a drawn out, nasty cold. Poor thing. Secretly I kinda love it while hating it, cause she just snuggles and falls asleep on my chest which if you didn't know, is heaven.

Crossing my fingers and toes super tight that she will be ok enough for Chad and I to go on our date...its been like, over a month (maybe longer!?) since we went on one....way to freaking long.

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