Friday, July 13, 2012

friday morning looks like this:

Chad had to go into work at 2 am this morning, so he has the car.
Which it's actually kinda nice, being home-bound every once and a while.

Every night as I am kissing the girls good night I whisper a list off some things to be excited about to wake up to, last night I told them that we would:
  • make a fort
  • paint our finger nails
  • do "rainbow magic"
  • watch Ponies
  • play in the toy room

So that is excactly what is going to happen.
AND tomorrow is date night, I am so excited, it feels like I havent seen Chad in forever, even thought we see each other every day. We need this alone time!

*the green taped off square is where I have Lily sweep all the stuff into. It's a game for her and it kinda gets the floor clean:)

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Kathy said...

I love your Friday morning via photos. I remember days like that - oh, so long ago. You have a beautiful family!