Thursday, July 5, 2012


Two things that I love and that I also consistently underestimate:

1) NACHO LIBRE. Chad and I are currently watching it, and I literally laugh out loud most of the movie. How do I keep forgetting this? Why do I not watch this at least weekly?
2) CHEETOS. Is there any nutritional value? No. I go about a year of having any and then like randomly at at BBQ or something I have one and then I'm like "what the crap,  these are stupid good."...and then you see me ten minutes later with an orange face and hands holding an empty bag.

Why do I forget these things? 

What do you forget about? Don't be shy! Who else loves Eggo's like me? Come on.


Bonnie and Tyler said...

I think we may need to watch that and eat those for our next date night. Thanks Rach!!! LOL

Celeste said...

mine is always a little film by the name of Bandits. If you've never seen it, go. now. Foodwise, I'm always forgetting how much I love applesauce. Our family goes through a 4pack of gigantic costco sized jars in like a week. I can literally drink one by myself. Yes, you heard me right, Drink. I drink it.

Hayley said...

"get that corn outta my face!"

Megan Marie said...

i ate three smores pop-tarts while i was watching the biggest loser this evening. (ironic?) i forgot how much i love them. the only reason that we had them is that i had been in walmart at 2 in the morning the night before getting shampoo (since the kids dumped ours and i hadn't washed my hair properly in days) and i saw the box of pop-tarts while my judgement was impaired by the late hour.