Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY "ombre"/color melt hair

About a four months ago I went to the salon and asked for an "ombre" look....well here in Arkie, no one knew what it was. After some research from the girl who cuts my hair, she felt comfortable to do it. Well....she basically gave me SUPER subtle highlights. Cool, only cost me $90 to not get what I wanted.

Well, I decided I'd watch some videos online and figure out how to do it myself. 
So yesterday afternoon, my friend Hayley helped me figure it out. Enjoy!
(Precursor: these pictures are from this morning, post sweaty work out, with just photo booth on my computer cause I'm too lazy to actually use my camera....and I am just showing how to do it on a small chunk that needed touch up from yesterday.)

What you need:
Basic, cheep highlight kit (got mine for $10) or just blonde hair dye aka bleach?, 
plain or aluminum foil, 
and a comb.

First I went about 2-3 inches up from the tips of my hair, squirted the bleach stuff on it, then combed in.
 Then I just wrapped it up really awesome like. My hair takes FOREVER to lighten up...like 30+ min to see a difference. But, I'm kinda abnormal, I would just watch yours closely, peek at it every five min. And if you want to speed it up, point a hot blow dryer at it!
 Once that looks pretty light (not at light as your end goal, but alllllmost there) take off the foil.
and then go up a as high as your wanting your ombre look to go. I went a little below shoulder length.
Then squirt some more bleach stuff on it, comb it in, and foil it back up. (we combed it in to make it seem more "blended" and it eliminated a harsh line)
Then just like before, watch it, peek at it every 5 minutes. For me, it took about an hour total? So I'd foil it up and go make salsa for the girls, check, play some ponies with the girls, go check...you get the picture.

Once its what you want it at, rinse it off real good, soak it in the conditioner the dye comes with and blam! You're done!
Here's the finished product! I really like it. It's something different, kinda funky, VERY low maintenance (go months and months between coloring...grow-out is good right?!) with out totally cutting my hair off. Plus, it's crazy easy. If I can do this (I have no hair/beauty experience AT ALL) any one can!


Krista & Tyler said...

Holy Brave. I love it. And your courage. haha You look awesome!

Unknown said...

way to go! I have been debating doing the Ombre look, too! My girlfriend is a cosmetologist and wants to do it on my hair, but I'm afraid to have dark on top (since I'm usually platinum all the time). You may have just inspired me :)

Erin_C said...

The ombre is SO CUTE. It turned out so good! I want to do something, but redhead ombre? Can't decide if that would look good.

Carly said...

@Erin_C check out BrailleGold on instagram- you will die, red haired ombre is AMAZING!!!


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April said...

I love it.