Monday, July 2, 2012


This was us a few minutes ago:
All the girls were asleep, I wrapped up a project I am working on...then dinked around on the computer, then thought about folding laundry, then got some stuff ready to sew and then Maggie woke up.
I snuggled and nursed her on the couch and she fell back to sleep.
So there I was, "stuck" on the couch not able to make much noise, and not able to move. I got on my phone and checked out instagram, my google reader...and then thought: I need to not do this.

I have been wanting to incorporate mediation to my daily routine and here I was, skipping out on a perfect opportunity.

So, I tuned my phone off, and tried to clear my busy mind. In case you didn't know, that's stupid hard to do. To not think. 
I'm the girl that typically is thinking about: a new project/craft I want to attempt, the song stuck in my head, thinking about what we should do next, and talking on the on the phone at the same time, oh and throw in nursing a baby too. So its hard for me to just rest my mind and just "be".

But I did it, all a sudden I was thinking about nothing and almost asleep. I need more practice at this, but I think for today, I was successful. I really think mediation is a time for spiritual promptings and metal recharge, which I am in need of and a fan of.

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Vashti said...

I have started doing yoga the past year and I love it. It has really helped me with meditating and being calm in my mind, plus it is a killer workout. You wouldn't think the two would be related but it totally works. Having quiet time in your mind is so good for the soul!