Sunday, July 1, 2012

this sunday morning

The morning sun bakes the back of the house, so this morning to get some shade in while we had the chance, we all headed out to the front yard.
Brought a big blanket, and a bucket of chalk, and now I think we may have added a new step to our morning routine. It was so nice to just be outside, in the shade and a feel the breeze and actually not start sweating?! Crazy concept.

I love the things that my girls request us to draw: crocodiles, bull elephant seals...but with tusks, hopscotch, caterpillars. Lily has mastered the caterpillar, basically the cutest thing in the world.

Happy Sunday to you!


Haley K said...

painted crocodile toes...too cute :) happy sunday to you and your cute fam Rach!

Traci said...

I love the painted crocodile toes :-)