Wednesday, August 15, 2012

as lily and chad discuss growing up to be mermaids

I've been trying to be more patient and THERE for my girls. 
Like tonight. It was 9:30 Maggie and Eden were sound asleep. But Lily was w i d e awake. She came out as I was finishing up some emails and asked to cuddle with her. Normally I would say, "ok for 2 minutes and then its time to go to sleep!"
 But this time I just said "ok", no time constraints, just laid down with her and had some great four year old conversation.
She was quiet for a while and then said: "mom, I just can't fall asleep."
So I said, "how about you take a bubbley bath with your ponies. That will help you fall asleep."
So, we did just that. Filled up the tub, loaded in the bubbles and all eight ponies and one skinny four year old. We played water park with her ponies and then by 10:20 she wanted out. Chad had just gotten home from church meetings and they cuddled  for a little and he literally just carried her to bed at 10:41.

I love this little girl so much my heart could burst.
She is just so happy, and sweet. If I could describe her in two words that would be Lily. Happy and sweet.

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Carly said...

Love her. You are such a good mama. <3