Wednesday, August 15, 2012

melty art

"Mommy can we melt crayons today?" This is what Lily asked this morning.
"Yes!" I said.

Last time, I just grated crayons with a cheese grater on wax paper and then ironed another sheet on top of it to make a cool little stained glass window thing. Lily was obsessed. And they are still taped to our back door. 
Today we did something different.
We put different shapes of paper on a hot frying pan and just colored on it. The crayons melt just deliciously, and it smells like preschool.

This is a really fun project for a four year old, but it does require full attention by the parent...meaning I gave Maggie a spatchula to chew on and pulled up youtube videos for Eden to watch so Lily and I could stand over a hot stove to make these fine pieces of art that are now taped above her bed.

Yay for melting stuff!

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