Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my thoughts and pictures this morning

I was talking to my Grandma Rands the other night, she was asking how I was doing and I could honestly tell her great, and not be stretching the truth. She made the comment that her mom would tell her it takes 9 months to make a baby, and 9 months to feel good again. Apparently my great-grandma's genes run deep cause that rings exactly true with me.

The past few days I kept thinking: "so THIS is what it feels like to be happy again!".
That sounds bad, but really for the first time in....a long time I LOVE just playing with my girls, a messy house doenst make me have a break down, a crying baby doesnt make me cry...I sound like I was a mess, and I guess I was.

And I am so glad I am back. The REAL me is back.
Life is good.

(the last picture of Eden is of her "singing" aka yelling super loud to THIS SONG.

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Holly said...

I hear ya on the 9 months thing--it's really true!