Wednesday, August 29, 2012

screen-printing out-takes

On Monday I went over to my friend Hayley's house to:
  1. make homemade honey-lavender ice cream
  2. make some screen printed shirts
  3. dye some hair

I love hanging out with Hayley cause we're always making stuff, going somewhere. Or, planning on making stuff and going somewhere. Like we made rad quilts, she helped dye my hair, we make good food we go on walks, to the park, swimming...and we also have like a running list of stuff that we wanna make still.

I love friends like this. DON'T MOVE AWAY EVER Hayley!

Well here is a photo booth disaster where I attempted to take pictures of my new shirt. Which appears backward because it's in photo booth....Arkansas is actually flipped the other way. And in case you were wondering I was not listening to DMX while taking these pictures. I'm just thug-life/idiot alllll on my own.
Top right's my favorite.

ps- The lavender ice cream that was made, was way better than Molly Moons (in Fremont Seattle) and Mallards (in Bellimgham, WA). No jokesies. I like, hoped to burp just to taste it all over again. If you're lucky maybe Hayley will post the recipe some day.

1 comment:

Hays said...

Ah! It looks so great on you! Totally a Rough Rider! Haha.

Posting it this week yo!